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AGMS's Collection of Shareable Files

This is a collection of orphaned torrents for interesting (and legal to copy) things which are no longer available elsewhere.

For example, Fedora 14 Linux is the last best version with old style Gnome menus, which the Fedora project no longer tracks. Sita Sings the Blues is an animated film made available by the author to the public, where all its bittorrent trackers have gone away. Survivor Library is a collection of out of copyright books suitable for restarting civilization, which has a torrent and a BTSync folder that are no longer updated, but I can copy their web site to make a new torrent occasionally.

Please use this tracker without signing up (I don't have time to deal with spam from user comments etc). You may wish to check out the external web site Info Link to find out more about each torrent. Note that high bandwidth seeding times are from 2am to noon, Eastern time, which is when my ISP doesn't have data caps (thanks NCF!).

Contact me if you have questions or suggestions. Visit my web site for more.

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Seder-Masochism, an animated musical by Nina Paley, loosely follows the Passover Seder story, with events from the Book of Exodus retold by Moses, Aharon, the Angel of Death, Jesus and the director's father.


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